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What Does Analytics Have to Do With PR?

Not Sure What AdWords Are?
If you're an aspiring communicator you must know this stuff!

As a bit of an SEO fanatic I am often asked by my PR peers about the uses and importance of Search Engine Optimization, Google Analytics and Google AdWords. As a PR major myself, I knew little about this invaluable Internet strategy until I became and intern at a web development company and started to explore the world of Internet Marketing. While this stuff seems to fascinate me more than most of my friends and colleagues, I am always shocked to discover the lack of formal Internet Marketing education that exists in prominent communications programs today ....ehh hemmm BU. But that rant is tottally a post of its own.

This post I would like to dedicate to my fellow aspiring communicators who are still unsure about what all the hubub is surrounding Google AdWords and Analytics. Believe me guys it definitely worth getting familiar with. Check out a paper I wrote on the topic in the White Papers section of my blog to help kick off your learning venture.

Learning about Google Analytics and AdWords will not only add to the impressive skill set you've worked so hard to earn in college, but it will also just make you a more well-rounded communicator. Plus, you can actually earn a formal certification as a Google Analytics and/or Google AdWords expert by taking Google's online certification exams through the Google Conversion University. Best of all, once you pass the test ( you must get an 80% or higher) you can add this important certification to your resume. Now who doesn't want that?!

Have I convinced you yet? If I have, definitely check out my next post on tips for taking the Google Analytics IQ exam.

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