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My First Flash File

Ok so all you Flash pros out there don't laugh-- I know I still have a long ways to go before becoming a Flash animation master, but I am really excited about my first presentable file! While some of you marketers out there might be like, um...why are you taking Flash classes?? 

I have some news for you.

Whether you are still in college or not, I highly recommend taking a Computer Science course if you are a marketer, SEO specialist, advertiser, or just an aspiring communicator that really wants to understand how the Internet works. 

Of course, the majority of our zest for SEM is based on understanding consumer behavior, sociology, market trends (the list never really ends). But we can't forget the real overall facilitator of all things marketable--computers and more specifically--the Internet. 

The Introduction to Computer Science course I've been taking at BU this year really has made me dig deep into the back end of what really goes on between a click and a conversion. And if you are just starting out in the online marketing world (or are a really out of touch professional) and don't yet understand how the Google Algorithm works yet, a Computer Science course is a great way to start.

Some may think that learning Flash is irrelevant to their everyday business practices, but learning new things never hurt anyone. I'm all about it. Give comp sci a try.

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