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Taking the Google Analytics IQ Exam

As promised, here are a few tips for those of your preparing to take the Google Analytics IQ exam.

• You have as long as you need to prep for the test.

• I would advise everyone to check out the really helpful videos on Google's Conversion University  and the Analytics Youtube Channel.

• Also on Youtube, Google Analytics in 60 Seconds features 10 videos covering the all basics of google analytics- definitely 10 minutes worth investing.

• The exam costs $50 which can be paid using any major credit card.

• You have 90 minutes to take the exam. A timer will start the moment you begin the first question of the exam, but you are able to pause the timer. I would recommend doing so when you are faced with questions that require extra thinking.

• During the exam, use the check box to note all questions that you are not certain about. You will be able to review these questions before the end of your exam.

• You need a score of 80% or higher to receive your Google Analytics IQ certification.

• A Google Analytics certification is only valid for 18 month after the date when you passed the exam. So yes, every year and a half you are supposed to re-take the exam in order to remain qualified.

Hope these tips help!
Oh, and feel free to shoot me an email or leave a comment if you still have apprehensions about the test- I'll do my best to give you what I know!


  1. How many questions are on the test?

  2. Thanks so much for this, really helpful and clear. Just testing now
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