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Cool Tool- HubSpot's Press Release Grader

I know my fellow PR peers are going to love this one.

How it Works:

You enter the content of your press release into HubSpot's Press Release Grader, tell them the name of your company and the company website. The tool then evaluates the press release based upon various important factors identified by "public relations experts" such as the language level of the content and how well the press release performs for SEO. Much like the company's other very useful (and free) tool,  Website Grader, the Press Release Grader generates a nicely formatted report of the release's evaluation.

As PR people we should be absolutely rejoicing at the discovery of such a tool. I mean come on PR peeps we have been willing to kill to get access to metrics like this! Especially for all the PR interns out there, start using this tool for the releases you have created through coursework and intern experience and add these reports to the ol' portfolio. Nothing beats a tool that clearly shows off the value of your work.

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