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Calling All Shop-A-Holics! Google's is a Godsend!

I can barely contain my excitementtttttt!!

This morning Google launched its very first personalized online fashion shop. Yes, fellow fashion addicts it is as good as it sounds! Just like its regular search engine Google's Boutiques allows users to search for all the fashion goods they could ever hope to seek online all in one (very nicely designed) place.

And it gets even better. Once you signup with your own Boutiques account, the site allows you to set your very own Boutique Preferences. You choose which style dresses, tops, bottoms, colors, patterns, shoes, designers, styles, trends you love and hate and the search engine will only show you products that meet your specific preferences in your own personal boutique section! AMAZINGG.

Plus, you can also browse celebrity styles, for example this morning I started following (yes just like Twitter) Jamie Lynn Sigler's Boutique. SO cool. And for you style blog fanatics out there even offers a section where you can follow popular style bloggers as well.

Once you create your own filtered search, Google's algorithm hand picks which items fit your style and suggests other you may like. From there you can decide to "love" or "hate" items (lovess itt) and also save items to your account for later perusing or wish-list making. Perfect timing for the holiday season (god they are good).

And I must give the design team at Google some props. Who knew such a tech powerhouse could craft such a sleek and chic layout as they did for the Boutiques' site. (Dare I even say it has a striking resemblance to the holy grail of fashion sites net-a-porter? OK OK I guess we won't go that far-yet.)

The only downside to Boutiques is how much time it is going to take away from my daily productivity- but hey who knows, maybe this streamlined (word of the week?) shopping tool will actually provide my online shopping addiction with a faster fix!

Happy Shopping!

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