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Cool Tool - Skitch

Screen shots are pretty much my version of Stickie notes --  I use them to keep track of everything from web layouts I like to hair cuts I want my hair dresser to re-create. If you are a visual person and screen shot fanatic like me, you will absolutely love using Skitch.

screen shot made with Skitch!
Its a FREE screen shot app you can download right to your desktop, allowing you to take as many precise cross-hair snapshots you could ever dream of. Plus, with Skitch, you get to skip the annoying step of having to drag your screen shot into PhotoShop or Paint in order to edit it. The tool has its own built in editing tools so you can take notes, circle, and highlight your screen shots immediately. The drag and drop feature makes it easy to embedd or save the snap shots wherever you please (and it automatically saves them in .jpg format--so smart!). 

Skitch is especially awesome if you are working on a group project, as you can also upload your screenshots right to your Profile on the Skitch website. Not only does this back up your images but also makes it super easy to share them with others. 

Unfortunately, Skitch is only available for Macs (sorry Dell lovers) but a PC version is currently in the works. If you are a non-Mac person (shame on you..jk) give Jing a try- I have never used it but have heard good reviews on this similar screen shot tool.

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